When we talk of Middlesex where do we mean?

The County, the Province or the Tribal Lands?

It's possible you didn't even realise there is a choice!


We do know that anyone who says Middlesex
‘doesn’t exist’ is talking out their hat.

The assumption that because the County Council was abolished Middlesex is abolished is fanciful - did Middlesex not exist before 1889? For that is the very recent date the Middlesex County Council was formed.

And as you will read and learn,
nothing could be further from the truth.


Middlesex Day Countdown
to May 16th

Middlesex - the reserves


Coming soon - a history of  the Middlesex Company of 4PWRR - it is a long and sometimes complicated story...



There were in fact two other organisations that took their recruits from the population of Middlesex.



One was the 'Special Reserve' formed in 1908





and the other was the 'Volunteer Training Corps' (VTC) of Middlesex formed in 1914. 




The VTC was in fact nothing to do with the Middlesex Regiment as such but nevertheless an important if neglected part of the military history of the County of Middlesex.



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B Company, Fourth Battalion, the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, based in Edgware, Middlesex


On Wednesday July 31st it was a privilege and honour for Jeff Barnes to represent Middlesex Heritage and attend B Company, Fourth Battalion, the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, based in Edgware, Middlesex and the opportunity to assist in the ceremony celebrating one of their Battle Honours, the battle of Minden.






Jeff was also shown around by Major Derrick Harwood - who is also an historian and archivist - including a tour of the impressive museum.


Les, Jeff and Derrick