When we talk of Middlesex where do we mean?

The County, the Province or the Tribal Lands?

It's possible you didn't even realise there is a choice!


We do know that anyone who says Middlesex
‘doesn’t exist’ is talking out their hat.

The assumption that because the County Council was abolished Middlesex is abolished is fanciful - did Middlesex not exist before 1889? For that is the very recent date the Middlesex County Council was formed.

And as you will read and learn,
nothing could be further from the truth.


Middlesex Day Countdown
to May 16th

Middlesex News and Connections


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On Wednesday July 31st it was a privilege and honour for Jeff Barnes to represent Middlesex Heritage and attend B Company, Fourth Battalion, the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, based in Edgware, Middlesex and the opportunity to assist in the ceremony celebrating one of their Battle Honours, the battle of Minden.



See  http://www.middlesexfederation.com/trust/Middlesex-Regiment---reserves






We are very sorry to have to inform you of the sad death of Sgt Vic Hill, ex 5th Middlesex, 7th Middlesex and member of the Middlesex Branch of the Queen's Regimental Association.


His funeral will take place in Hampshire on Friday 16th August at 13.00. 



Middlesex Regiment – Unknown Dead


The bodies of two Middlesex Regiment casualties were found in 2014 and after extensive research the Commonwealth and Wargraves Commission (CWGC) have narrowed the identities down to four men. 


 The CWGC are now appealing for relatives of the four men to come forward for DNA testing so that the identities of the bodies can be confirmed.


Although all four candidates were from the Middlesex Regiment only one seems to have come from Middlesex (Kilburn).  By September 1918 since, when they died, the dearth of young manpower in the British Army saw individuals going to those regiments with the most need. 


Details can be found at the link below to the CWGC site below. 


Once identified the modern day successors to the Middlesex Regiment (the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment) will support the burial service in France.








A tribute to Sir Montagu Sharpe


It is 100 years since he wrote "Middlesex in British, Roman and Saxon times" (1919), the only book written after 1888 that actually deals with the whole geographical County and not the administrative one. 


It is an invaluable reference work for the early county history (despite a few failings) and it is the one book all Middlesesaxons should have on their shelves. 


Sharpe was a Middlesex County Justice of the Peace and also a member of Middlesex County Council from it inception in 1889 so he knew what the situation was regarding real and administrative counties which is one reason why his book is so important. 


"tough justice in Middlesex"


"Sir Montague might have been just a touch harsh in this instance but, perhaps, it might be good if he were with us now"



A tribute to Bill Bosom


It is with sadness that we have just learned of the death of Bill Bosom in May of this year.


He was a horticulturist of Enfield, Middlesex and was responsible for breeding the rose variety that he named the Middlesex County rose which was registered by the Royal Horticultural Society in 2000 as "Rosa MIddlesex County - BOSanne (F) and exhibited at at Capel Manor College, Enfield, Middlesex in the same year.


Bill would have been gratified to know that the only known surviving specimen of his rose is growing in the garden of Middlesex Heritage's Historical Adviser, Stephen Fenn and that a cutting was presented to Bob Calder of Ashford (Middlesex) Horticultural Society at the Middlesex/Albuhera Day Remembrance ceremony at St. Mary's Church in Staines, Middlesex on May 16th in commemoration of the famous Battle of Albuhera in Spain where the 57th (Middlesex) Regiment of Foot distinguished themselves in 1811 during the Peninsular War.


The Ashford (Middlesex) Horticultural Society is going to propagate the Middlesex County rose so that it will be preserved and enjoyed by many others n the future.


It was, very strangely, on the same day that the presentation was made at Staines, 16th May, that Bill's funeral was held at Enfield Crematorium and, so, Bill received a very fitting tribute on that very day, albeit from the other end of the County.